Come in and enjoy our sensational asian-fusion cuisine meals created just for you.  Only the freshest ingredients used keeping your mouth watering with every bite.


Learn how to get started with your own franchise today with Hiccups.  We provide all of the tools necessary for you to get started and to be successful.

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Hiccups Smoothie


At Hiccups we take great pride in using the freshest ingredients to prepare each of our meals just for you.  Our asian-cuisine is made to order to provide you with a warm and fresh meal every time.


Our flavored coffee drinks, tasty smoothies, gourmet teas, sweet slushies and hot lattes are a big hit around town.  All drinks are made to perfection and are the perfect treat to get you through a busy day.


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Hiccups® serves Asian-fusion cuisine with a variety of specialty drinks and boba, originally founded in Long Beach, California in 2013. To help ensure you, our guest, receive the best experience possible we have embedded Culture and Unity into our company’s foundation and policies. In order for us to achieve continuous growth and success in our workplace, management and staff have worked together to create a fun environment in which friends, family & new acquaintances can gather around for a great communal experience. We want the opportunity to create a great guest experience from your initial arrival. It is the duty of all staff members to cultivate this welcoming environment by greeting each individual with high energy and enthusiasm. The Hiccups family wants you to know it is a privilege to have you dine with us! Your satisfaction is vital in order to create a successful operating business, in which we can bring together our surrounding community and culture.

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